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08 July 2009 @ 01:48 pm
In Hell Challenge  

You can find "In Hell" here: http://lisfayte.livejournal.com/6344.html

Ok, I am going to put my ficcie "In Hell" up for adoption, the fic was supposed to be the prologue for a longer Spuffy fic. I have some notes on how I invisioned the fic to go, though you don't have to use them, but here they are:

I want lots of humor
Starting during Something Blue
An inept new writer named "Mary Sue" decides to write her first Spuffy story.
Mary Sue decides to have Buffy and Spike "mate" during the spell, so now they are able to mind speak with one another. She decides that Buffy didn't send Angel the Gem of Amara, so she gives it to Spike as a mating gift.
During the Hush episode, Mary Sue decides to have Willow find a silent spell to allow everyone to silently communicate. Everyone finds out they have been caught in fan-fic hell. Willow and Giles find a spell that lets them "talk" to Mary Sue, she thinks her muse is speaking to her. They make her bring EVERY major character from the Buffy and Angel Verses to Sunnydale. They have her make Anya get her powers back, so they can make a wish for a way to make them stay in this one fic if they can get everyone happy, and that is the problem, everyone wants someone or something else, and they squabble about who get to be with who, this makes Mary Sue very confused. Happy ending please.

I have some wacky character pairings if you want to use them. Just let me know.