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Alternate Reality

What would have happened if Spike was as old as - or even older than - Angelus/Angel?

In this challenge Spike is two centuries older that in Canon. Why? Because I always thought that Angel had always had an unfair advantage over Spike. First, when Spike was just turned and then even when Angel has a soul, he's still stronger than Spike, but not because he's the better fighter, just because he's older. And just to make things more interesting:Spike is cursed with a soul together with Angelus. But instead of having been a vampire for two decades, he's been a vampire for two centuries and he still has the reputation as the Slayer of Slayers. Since he has two centuries instead of one to kill slayers, before being cursed he has killed 4 slayers instead of 2.

You will wonder why I would think of something like that. Well, it's simple. It's just to level the playing field. Spike is the better man and the better vampire but Angel has always arrived first. He's born first so he's stronger, he had his soul first so he's good first and so he becomes Buffy's first love etc. Spike has always been compared to Angel(by Buffy mostly) and come up lacking just because Angel was there first. Spike could love and do good without a soul but nobody believed in him just because Angel couldn't love without a soul, so no other vampire could. And so on and so forth.

So what I want is this: Spike is even older that Angel in this challenge. When he's cursed with a soul - together with Angelus - he has already a reputation in the demons' world as a very strong and powerful Master Vampire. Spike arrives in Sunnydale at the beginning of season2. He's called by Whistler to help Buffy because Angel isn't doing a very good job (she's been killed by the Master after all). Angel is called first by Whistler because he has spent a century eating rats and feeling sorry for himself while Spike has - after having overcome the first crazy period with the soul - started to fight for the Light side. He doesn't fall immediately in love with Buffy (she's just sixteen after all) but when Angel loses his soul he's already in love with her. Buffy is still in love with Angel when Spike first appears. When Angel loses his soul, Spike loses his too. I want anyone to realize that while Spike can love without a soul, Angel can't. Spike - even without a soul - helps Buffy against Angelus because he loves her.

Timeline for this challenge:

William Pratt is born in 1653 instead of 1853. His life is still the same. He's still a gentleman, he still has his mother to take care of. He's still 'William the Bloody Awful Poet'.He's turned by Darla in 1680. He becomes William the Bloody and later Spike( still because he tortured people with railroad spikes).

Darla is not really impressed by William at the beginning, he finds him 'too soft' for a vampire. Since Angelus is not there to turn him into a monster, Spike is just very eager to fight.He revels in the fight and the danger. He doesn't care to torture his victims, he just wants to eat. It's because of this that he becomes obsessed with Slayers. He first learns about the Slayers from Darla. To gain her respect Spike kills his first slayer in 1700(the Weapons-Forging Slayer mentioned in the Slayer Timeline in Buffy and Angel Wiki - she's the one who leaves him the scar on his eyebrow). This way he becomes a Master Vampire.

In 1753 Darla turns Liam into a vampire. He changed his name to Angelus. Darla is immediately impressed by his viciousness and cruelty. Angelus and Spike can't stand each other. Darla always sides with Angelus but Spike - being already a Master Vampire and older than Angelus - he's perfectly capable of defending himself. Spike is not in love with Darla but seeks her approval because she's his Sire.

In 1799 Spike kills his second Slayer (Marguerite Allard - Paris, France) while him, Darla and Angelus are in France.

In 1817 Spike kills his third Slayer (Elizabeth Weston - Somerset, England).

In 1860 Angelus turns Drusilla. (It's up to you if Spike has ever been in love with her or not).

In 1877 Spike kills his fourth slayer (Catherine Callan - London, England)

In 1898 Both Angelus and Spike are cursed with a soul. The both of them are sent away by Darla.

Spike decides to not come back and beg them(Darla and Drusilla) to take him back. After a few years of craziness because of the guilt, he decides to do something about it and starts to fight to defend innocent people against demons.

In 1996 Whistler goes to Angel and persuaded him to join the fight against evil and to help the newly-activated Slayer, Buffy Summers.

When Buffy is killed for a minute by the Master, Whistler - at the behest of the Powers that Be - contacts Spike and convinces him to go to Sunnydale and help Buffy in her fight against evil.

Other Points to abide to:

- Buffy is attracted to Spike since the beginning but believes herself in love with Angel. Buffy sleeps with Angel, making him lose his soul

- Spike sacrifices himself to close Acathla(to spare Buffy the pain of killing Angel) believing that she's still in love with him(though she's not, not anymore at that point)

- Angel leaves Sunnydale at the end of season2

- Spike already has the Gem of Amara when he first comes to Sunnydale. Or something else that permits him to walk around during the day. Better if the Gem of Amara doesn't heal his wounds but it just permits him to walk in the sunlight, being immune to crosses and holy water and have a reflection.

- Spike was in Cleveland to defend the Hellmouth there before going to Sunnydale.

- The story continues beyond Season2. Even better if it continues till Season7.

- At the end of Season3 Spike leaves Sunnydale and goes to Africa to make sure that he won't lose his soul again.

- At the beginning of Season4 he returns to Sunnydale as a human but with superstrenght(basically as the First Male Slayer).

I would really like if someone would respond to this challenge!

18 August 2013 @ 04:15 pm

Buffy/Spike Challenge

Series rewrite(from season1 to 7) with a human Spike with Superpowers

After Chosen Spike ends up in a sort of limbo. The Powers are a little undecided where to put him because he just saved the world, so he can't end up in Hell but at the same time, he can't go to Heaven because of all the people he killed in the past. So they propose a third option: to send him back in a dimension where William Pratt was never turned by Drusilla so the vampire William the Bloody doesn't exist. Spike would be send back there as a human(so the Shanshu Prophecy is fulfilled) but with his strength and reflexes still intact - a gift from the Powers -. Spike will not remember his old life, he will have instead fake memories of his past together with the people who shared his fake past(practically like what happened with Dawn). He will appear in Sunnydale in 1996 - when Buffy arrives there for the first time -. You decide how his past is.

Suggestion: Spike is a demon hunter since he's fifteen or something and the Powers gifted him with Super-strength to help him in his fight.

Must Have:

- Dawn from the beginning, not as Buffy's sister, but as one of the Scoobies. Dawn is not the Key.

- Dawn/Wesley romantic couple (yes, unusual but if you've read the Origins series, you'd fall in love with this pairing like I did)

- Wesley doesn't leave Sunnydale at the end of Season3

- After Xander is possessed by the Hyena spirit, a little bit of its essence remained, just enough to make him stronger than a normal human(not Slayer strong or Spike strong, but stronger than a simple human)

Can't have:

- The tragic love story of Buffy/Angel 2.0

Whoever decide to respond to this challenge, send me a post!

18 August 2013 @ 04:07 pm

In the Comic Books there is mention a Danish Slayer that Spike kills in 1940 but in canon Nikki Wood is the second slayer he killed.
What I want is this: the Danish Slayer (Sophie Carstensen) is killed by Spike in 1985 instead, becoming his third slayer. Sophie's watcher for revenge kills Drusilla though. Spike is heartbroken and lost and he doesn't know what to do with his unlife anymore. A few months after Dru's death he hears about a demon shaman in Africa who grants wishes if you pass his trials. Spike wants Dru back but the shaman can't do it. At that point then, He ask for a purpose in life and the shaman gives him back his soul and the task to kill demons and vampires and be a Champion for the light.

Must Have:

- Spike arrives for the first time in Sunnydale in the summer before Buffy's first year at college

- Spike finds and keeps the Gem of Amara

- Spike is a literature professor at the Sunnydale College or a TA

- The Demon shaman works for the PTB

- Spike has visions from the PTB to know what to do and where to go(a lot like Doyle)

- A happy ending Spuffy

Can Have:

- Spike stayed a few years in Cleveland before going to Sunnydale

- Scoobies and/or Angel and Riley bashing

- Dru brought back by W&H instead of Darla, as a vampire

- Dawn

- Spike/Joyce friendship

Can't Have:

- Spike captured by the Initiative and with the chip

- Buffy/Riley(unless it's just one-sided with Riley interested in Buffy but Buffy not interested in him)

- too mach angst

Whoever decide to respond to this challenge, send me a post!
13 January 2011 @ 02:56 am
Angsty fic, NC-17?, set in around the year 200 A.D., Rome.
Buffy (being, Elizabeta, the Latin version of Elizabeth) is in an arranged marriage with the (son of the?) emperor/Caesar, Julius. They were married when Elizabeta was 14, before she was called as a Slayer. When she did get called (at 16) Julius couldn't take the fact that she, a mere woman, was stronger than him, so he treats her cruelly, does all kinds of nasty things like threatening her family if she goes out slaying, and making her fight (in disguise) in the gladiatorium. 
During one of Julius' evil shenanigans Elizabeta is introduced to Spike, an evil vampire from the Aurelius clan (direct descendants from former caesar Marcus Aurelius). Somehow they slowly, secretely and very reluctantly  fall in love. But of course it isn't easy for the slayer and wife of the (son of the) caesar and a vampire to have an affair, and lots of angst ensues...
Julius finds out and is not pleased so he somehow forces them to fight each other in the gladiatorum. Elizabeta appears to have been beaten, people get killed, secret getaways occur, etc.

List of (possible) Latin versions of their names: 
Spike – Sudis (William – Gulielmus)
Buffy/Elizabeth – Elizabeta
Slayer, Murderer – Occisor , occisora (female)
Giles – Egidius
Watcher - Tutor (1) -oris m. [a Watcher , protector]; esp. [the guardian of a woman, minor, or imbecile].
Watcher’s Council - Senatus Tutorum (translates as ‘council of watchers’)
Dawn – Aurora (= latin for dawn, and also goddess of morning)
Joyce – Judia (which is actually Judy, but it’s close enough)
Angel – Angelus, duh
22 February 2010 @ 05:47 pm
 I started writing this fic, and I'm not suited for it, but I'd really love to see it written.

It would be Spike/Buffy and Angel/Cordelia (not necessarily, but maybe also Wesley/Lilah?), taking place right after Dead Things in BtVS and Forgiving in AtS. Angel comes to Sunnydale after losing Connor and finds Spike in the alley, barely alive after Buffy's beating. He's horrified at what Buffy's done, and decides to take Spike back to LA with him. Meanwhile, Buffy believes that Spike is dead, thanks to her, and blames herself. Eventually, of course, their paths cross again- but I'd like to see Spike working well with the Fang Gang (since really, he's far to old to be hanging out with a bunch of children who reject him like he does in Sunnydale) and the Fang Gang less than happy to meet Buffy because of it. There might also be some rivalry with Cordy and Buffy, because Cordy's worried that Buffy just sees her as she used to be and Angel will put Buffy first like he always does. There can also be a side plot with Wes, if you want. Also, canon can continue through the fic, but please, no canon AtS S4!

This is the prologue I wrote- you can use it or just start all over.

28 January 2010 @ 01:18 pm

A few years ago we did a mini round-robin on the forum at the Bloodshedverse where we were to deflower  William, well poor William never got deflowered!
My challenge is for Buffy to deflower William. You can do this any way you want, you can send Buffy to the past, you can send William to the future, I don't care how, just get it done!
I would prefer humor, but there can be some angst.

Can have the dusting of Dru or Angel or both, this would be a plus :D

11 September 2009 @ 03:42 pm

Set in Buffy Season 4, instead of going back to Sunnydale right away after his visit to LA about the gem (it's up to you if he gets it back or not), Spike goes to Wolfram and Hart, and Lindsey McDonald specifically, to 'get' the Slayer.  Only when Lindsey sees that who Spike's after, he makes a deal with Spike that they'll both go after Buffy.  Both men go back to Sunnydale to win Buffy over.  Spike doesn't get chipped.  Buffy finds herself (for whatever reason you come up with) attracted to both Spike and Lindsey and finds sex with them addictive.

This story can have as much or as little slash as you like between Spike and Lindsey.   This story is a bit darker sexually than I think I can muster, but I don't want anyone out and out tortured.  I'd like to see a happy ending (or as happy as a Slayer, a vampire, and a lawyer can be).

Any questions, email me at maryperk@swbell.net
15 July 2009 @ 10:35 am

I just loved the idea of making Angel evil in a ridiculous way so here's my response to LisFayte's challenge!

Too Happy by evangelin








Summary: A response to LisFayte’s challenge. Angel never thought this could happen but then again, souls are tricky!





Special thanks to LisFayte for the help and for posting the challenge!








Disclaimer: Own? I own nothing. Just trying to write something worthy.










 Angel was going to the butcher. The music store was just right on his way. They had great collection and that’s great with capital G. But ‘great with capital G’ turned into ‘fantastic’ the moment Angel saw it. A CD. But not just any CD. Barry Manilow’s Greatest Hits. You would think that such great music will be sold everywhere but no, Angel rarely found his favorite music anywhere. Humans were such morons sometimes.










 Now that was a great end of the day(or beginning considering that it was night and he was a vampire). A glass filled with blood…OK, it was pig’s blood. So what? It made him feel noble, if nothing else. Denying himself human blood when he could have bought some…OK. Fine. That demon bar was just so far and the butcher was just next to his apartment and he was just going to pretend that he was all noble and that’s that.











 So a glass filled with blood and a Barry Manilow CD. Could life get any better? Unfortunately when the CD started Angel thought that no, life couldn’t get any better right now.














 An hour later Angelus decided that he should send Barry Manilow some flowers.

Current Location: home
Current Music: Accidentally In Love/Counting Crows

I wouldn't dream of it
Spike and Buffy hate each other with a bloody passion. You can decide why. Maybe they work together, or their mutual friends are getting married, or they just keep accidentally running into each other. There needs to be some reason that these two are forced to interact with each other. (Or even all 3) Against Buffy's conscious will she begins to have erotic dreams starring her enemy.

Paring: Spike & Buffy
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sexual situations. Language. Angst.

Must Haves-

-Spike singing rebel yell
-Buffy dating Riley
-A wedding cake being destroyed
-Faith causing trouble (maybe for the best?)
-Willow engaged to Oz
-Constant Spike and Buffy bantering
-Buffy accidently telling Spike about her dreams
-Dawn having a crush on Spike
-Joyce must be in this story
-Xander must be friends with Spike
-Anya pointing out that Buffy needs to get laid
-Either Buffy or Spike must have a close relationship with their pet. (cat or dog)
-Buffy unsure of how to act around Spike after the dreams start.

Can't Haves-

-Angel being the bad guy, if he is used
-Anyone other then Buffy hating Spike
-Sad or unhappy ending
-No angst! This needs a lot of angst.


08 July 2009 @ 01:48 pm

You can find "In Hell" here: http://lisfayte.livejournal.com/6344.html

Ok, I am going to put my ficcie "In Hell" up for adoption, the fic was supposed to be the prologue for a longer Spuffy fic. I have some notes on how I invisioned the fic to go, though you don't have to use them, but here they are:

I want lots of humor
Starting during Something Blue
An inept new writer named "Mary Sue" decides to write her first Spuffy story.
Mary Sue decides to have Buffy and Spike "mate" during the spell, so now they are able to mind speak with one another. She decides that Buffy didn't send Angel the Gem of Amara, so she gives it to Spike as a mating gift.
During the Hush episode, Mary Sue decides to have Willow find a silent spell to allow everyone to silently communicate. Everyone finds out they have been caught in fan-fic hell. Willow and Giles find a spell that lets them "talk" to Mary Sue, she thinks her muse is speaking to her. They make her bring EVERY major character from the Buffy and Angel Verses to Sunnydale. They have her make Anya get her powers back, so they can make a wish for a way to make them stay in this one fic if they can get everyone happy, and that is the problem, everyone wants someone or something else, and they squabble about who get to be with who, this makes Mary Sue very confused. Happy ending please.

I have some wacky character pairings if you want to use them. Just let me know.